Montana Fishburne Sex Video

Montana Fishburne, otherwise known as Chippy D, has decided to "honor" her family name and create a raunchy sextape for the world to enjoy. Montana is the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, the famous actor widely known for his role as Morpheus in The Matrix. Surprisingly, his 19 year old daughter decided she wanted fame via the sex tape route, and thus was born the Montana Fishburne video.

Vivid has nabbed the video up and plans to distribute it in mid-August. They have released some fantastic screencaps of the video - Montana must have no shame! We already get to see her perfectly shaped chocolate titties... yikes!

Chippy D Hardcore Video Preview

Montana Fishburne Video

Montana has some nice knockers... not bad, not bad. Montana Fishburne Video

Montana bent over, ready for the doggystyle pounding coming her way - this one should be great!

Everyone is wondering, what is Laurence thinking? We can't imagine it's anything good. It will be interesting to see if Montana shoots into the gossip stand magazines - and if she remains there. It worked for Kim Kardashian, maybe Montana Fishburne will be the next reality TV temptress. It looks like Vivid has decided to call the tape Montana Exposed. Kendra Wilkinson also recently released a video, aptly named Kendra Exposed - worth checking out.